A revolutionary new procedure is stopping atrial fibrillation cold — and saving lives

Coloradan Bob Knudsen will tell you he never expected to see 60. Now, at 64, he’s ready to get his racket back on the tennis courts and his RV back on the road.


St. Anthony Hospital cardiologist J. Thomas Svinarich, MD, FACC is one of a select few specialists across the country performing balloon cardiac cryoablation to treat atrial fibrillation, an often life-threatening heart condition. St. Anthony Hospital is the first and only medical center in Colorado and the region to offer the breakthrough procedure and Dr. Svinarich has now completed over 200 cases and is establishing St. Anthony Hospital as an arrythmia managment center for Colorado.

"This procedure has been used in Europe for more than five years, and the U.S. clinical trials were completed nearly two years ago. The fact that St. Anthony Hospital chose to embrace this new technology early allowed us anticipate procedures and obtain necessary training.

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