Colorado Heart and Vascular is dedicated to participating in ongoing clinical research, in order to continue to advance the field of cardiovascular medicine and offer the newest therapies to our patients.
Below is the list of trials for which we are currently enrolling.
For any questions, please contact our Research Department at 303-595-2619.


If you identify a patient who may qualify, please contact Sheila (303-595-2619) or Becca (303-629-2101), can also email.

  1. ORBIT AF II Registry- evaluating safety and efficacy of OAC and understanding AF management and strategies.

*Contact if patient is recently dx with AF or started on OAC

  1. Medtronic PSR- Registry evaluating Medtronic products and their productivity.

*We will contact the MA/Device reps when device checks are needed

  1. SAFE DCB Registry- evaluating the use of the Lutonix Drug Coated Balloon (DCB) PTA catheter in the treatment of PVD within the superficial femoral artery (SFA) or popliteal artery.

*Contact if a patient is scheduled for LE angiogram

  1. CHAMP-HF Registry- evaluating real world treatment patterns and outcomes in heart failure patients with reduced EF.

*Contact if patient had reduced EF and CHF diagnosis

  1. Voyager Study- evaluating whether Xarelto added to ASA is superior to ASA along in reducing the risk of major thrombotic vascular events in symptomatic PAD patients post lower extremity revascularization procedure. 

*Contact if patient is scheduled for LE angiogram or has undergone LEA in the last 7 days



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